Hourly Organizing

3-Hour Kickstart Session

Recommended for the bedroom, bathroom, playroom, closet or pantry, and small kitchen. Some factors such as size, volume, and interruptions may prevent completion of the designated area.

5-Hour Power Session

Recommended for the basement, garage, master suite, larger kitchen, and home office. Completion of designated area is dependent upon factors such as size, volume, decision-making, and interruptions and may require more than one session.

2-Hour Task Session

*Existing Clients ONLY*

Recommended to help maintain or quickly regain control of implemented systems. Scheduled monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually based on client need.

Household Management

Paper Management

Stop shuffling paper from one pile to another! Establish and refine systems for paper & digital files including mail, email, bills, school papers, etc. Create and implement a family calendar for chores and activities outside of the house. Learn to host an effective family meeting.

Household Operations

Could your spouse, friend, or family member run your household during an unplanned and lengthy absence of you? Create a Family Reference Guide to facilitate efficient daily management of household routines including kids & pet schedules, financial responsibilities, utility and service providers, vehicle & home maintenance, trash/recycle guidelines, groceries, meals, laundry, etc.

Life Transitions

Move Management

MOVING PREP: may include decluttering, estate sale prep, haul away, packing, paper management, and shredding.

MOVING SETTLE: may include shelf-lining, unpacking, decluttering, organizing with existing or new products, and labeling.